Thursday, February 17, 2011

Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson

Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson
Has anyone tried Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson? I am a big fan of the Tracy Anderson Method and when I’m diligently doing it – I see results. What about you?

If you are new to the Tracy Anderson Method, a good place to start is with Tracy Anderson's 30 Day Method Book. (It comes with a DVD that teaches you the intro cardio and she demonstrates the 'muscular structure' movements so you can easily follow along.) The 30 Day Method is a boot camp style program with menus, recipes, cardio and muscular structure work for each day. It's a great way to get quick results and get a sense of if the Tracy Anderson method is the right fit for you. It's challenging but very representative of the method. You can check it out by clicking Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method: The Weight-Loss Kick-Start that Makes Perfection Possible

Have you heard of the new Metamorphosis program offered by Tracy Anderson? This Metamorphosis intrigues me. I feel that there is a lot of free material or older cardio and muscular structure instruction online, on DVD and in her books so that it would be a while before one would need to take it to the next level with this Metamorphosis program but I am very curious and would love to check it out.

If you are new to the Tracy Anderson Method - I have tons of info and reviews on the method on this site.  You can read a few of my reviews of the method here - Mat Workout Review and Arms Webisode Review as well as links to other Tracy Anderson Method info HERE.

It appears to be divided up and specifically targeting various body types depending on which part or parts of your body you tend to store fat and gain weight.

The Meta Metamorphosis plan is targeted into four body type groups:

Omnicentric – if you gain weight all over your body – this is the one you would get. The Tracy Anderson Method for Omnicentric body types will help to firm and shape and pull in skin all over.
Hipcentric – for women that have a smaller waist but store fat in the hips and thighs, this series works to attack cellulite, pull in thighs and slim the hip and thigh area.

Abcentric – if you tend to store fat and gain weight in your belly or midsection area, the Tracy Anderson Abcentric workout would be the one for you. This is made to pull in the stomach, work the abs and get the famous sleek and feminine definition that Tracy Anderson is known for.

Glutcentric – if you have a saggy or shapeless bottom – this is the workout that will target your bum and lift and shape a sagging rear end. Tracy goes after your cellulite and creates a clear distinct lift between your butt and thighs.

I'd love it if she had a specific section targeting arms as I think the long lean arms that her workouts produce are one of the coolest things about the method. However, I am assuming the arms will get targeted with each of these four targeted workouts for the various body types.

Tracy Anderson has a loyal legion of celebrity fans – Zooey Deschanel, Kristin Davis, Courteney Cox, and most famously Gwyneth Paltrow among many other models and actresses. She really does transform bodies.

Tracy recently released a book the 30 Day Method with a DVD to transform your body. Is that not enough? I think if you feel that you have hit a plateau or are stagnating, you may want to take it to the next level and incorporate some new targeted workouts and eating plans. For beginners, the Mat Workout DVD, the Dance Cardio DVD and the book with the DVD are all excellent ways to get started and you will see changes in your body.

It looks like the Metamorphosis system is a 90 day program that will take you to the next level. As with any workout and fitness regiment, it’s important to change it up and keep challenging your muscles and mind. The new system will offer new combinations I am guessing that will take you from plateaus to new heights. However, I won’t be sure until I see and review it first hand that it would be necessary to purchase the 90 Day Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis program – the other DVDs, webisodes and book program may be enough. If you have tried this and had serious results and could compare it to the previous Tracy material – we’d love to hear about it.

Has anyone tried this new Tracy Anderson series or any element of it? If you want to contribute a review- please leave a comment and if you have reviewed it elsewhere – link back to your review in the comments! Will you try the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis program?

Dukan Diet Book US Release Date

Dukan Diet Book US Release Date Set

Have you found it difficult to find The Dukan Diet by Pierre Dukan at your local bookstore? I know I did. I looked at Barnes and Noble, at Borders, at my local mom and pop book shops and I could not get this book. When you are excited to start a diet, you want the book now, yesterday really - you don't want to wait for shipping. However, there is always Amazon to the rescue.

Back when I ordered it, you had to order from the UK amazon site, and pay hefty shipping fees. For a while, you could get the Dukan Diet book from the US Amazon for a good price without the extra shipping charges. Not sure that this is still the case. It looks like with the new "and improved' copy which looks like it has been slightly changed up for the U.S. audience - you may have to wait for the release date of April 19, 2011 and a hardcover.
The paperback Dukan Diet which is the one I have is a UK import and appears to be available too. Click the picture in the box to see the current price and availability. The book is a bargain at any cost if it is the diet to change your life, right?
It will be great when the book is finally available at local bookstores this April 2011 so that you can browse and see if you like the style and if it will be the right diet for you before you commit. However, if you want to learn more or get started right away - you can do that too!

The general idea of the diet is fairly straightforward - it is a high protein, low fat diet but there are some important twists on the diet that make it unique and the book is definitely worth reading if you are serious about doing the Dukan Diet. It has proven successful and produced results for millions and has gained popularity around the world including celebrity fans such as J-Lo who is looking better than ever. For more info, recipes and Dukan diet basics - check out the website: Pierre Dukan Diet