Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nicole Richie and the Tracy Anderson Method

Tracy Anderson Celebrity Fan: Nicole Richie

Tracy Anderson 30 Day Method Book with DVD If you have visited this blog before you probably know that I’m a big fan of the Tracy Anderson Method. It seems like more and more people are finding, responding to and changing their bodies with the TA method. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow have been wowing with their lean, toned bodies hard earned through the Tracy Anderson Method. Molly Sims is a fan, Courtney Cox, Kristin Davis, Zooey Deschanel, the list goes on and on and seems to keep growing. One newish fan who always has all eyes on her is author, designer and fashion plate – Nicole Richie.

Here is a link to a list of all of the posts and reviews of the various Tracy Anderson webisodes, DVD reviews and Tracy tips and diet methods:
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I thought this little video of the style maven and mother with Tracy Anderson was cute. Granted – it starts out pretty cheesy as some shots of Tracy posing (which it seems hard to escape from in the videos and on the site).  However, the interaction is fun – you get to see some moves that Tracy has created for Nicole’s workout routine that you could incorporate into your own Tracy Anderson method workout by simply doing 40 reps of the moves targeted to your problem areas on each side during your workout routine.

Tracy, Nicole Richie and two of Tracy’s trainers also do a short cardio dance routine which could be either inspiring, educational or overwhelming depending on how you look at it and what level you are at with the dance cardio.

Nicole Richie says that what she loves about Tracy’s method is that she can actually eat whatever she wants on the Method.  She works out for two hours a day and pointed out that normally she had trouble going to the gym both because it was so boring and also because the normal weight training type exercises weren’t good for her body type. I’ve also found that normal weight training can lead to bulking up rather than the long lean muscles that the TA method promises.

Here is the video so you can watch for yourself. What do you think of it?
Whether you try the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis program or the 30-Day Method or your own combination of the cardio DVDs and the different webisodes, post-pregnancy workout and mat workout – they key to the method is to be diligent about exercising 6-7 days a week. Tracy Anderson stresses the importance of the dance cardio portion. If you are only able to fit in an hour of working out one day – she says – do the cardio. The strength training is very important but the cardio getting you into that calorie burning mode is what is really going to change the body initially. Once you see yourself losing pounds, you will crave the fine tuning that the muscular structure work can do and that extra 45-60 minutes a day will be so worth it to show off those uncovered long and lean muscles.

With the 30 Day method or one of the other Tracy Anderson quick start plans that you can find in the archives of my blog like the 6 week diet and exercise plan – you will get diet guidance in addition to the exercise and muscular structure work which will improve and intensify your weight loss results dramatically compared to just working out alone.

Once you reach your goal weight, you can eat what you want and just continue the daily cardio and muscular structure work to keep your body looking amazing. It takes effort and you need to keep at it to maintain your beautiful body. Nicole Richie says she finds the dance cardio fresh and fun and it doesn’t get boring if you change it up. If Nicole Richie with her kids, and her fashion empire can do it - it makes me think I can probably find the time in my schedule for the Tracy Anderson method too.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Radiation Threat: Iodine Protection Kit

Iodine Protection Packs
Are you concerned about Radiation and looking for Iodine protection packs?
Iodine Protection Pack 3

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After a horrible tragedy like the recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear catastrophes in Japan, I am reminded of how quickly we can be thrown into an unexpected situation. And although we can't be prepared for everything, it is good to prepare ourselves in the ways that we can. With threats of radiation poisoning coming to US soil - Potassium iodide is a phrase on everyone's lips.

Selling out everywhere, potassium iodide is supposed to help your thyroid keep the radioactive iodine out of this important regulating part of your body. In addition to potassium iodine, I have been seeking out additional alternatives to support the body in case of radiation threats in the United States, particularly on the west coast.

As a big fan of micro plant powder, an amazing detoxification and anti-aging powder, I wondered if Micro Plant Powder would assist in the detoxification for radiation as well. Check this out for more information about radiation protection with Micro Plant Powder, Kelp, Iodine and the kits that combine the products.

Iodine Protection Pack

I've read that Kelp is an important supplement to help in supporting your thyroid in the case of radiation. Kelp, Potassium Iodide and Micro Plant powder could all be used together to help in the prevention of radiation sickness. I am not a health care professional and am in no way giving medical advice. These are simply items I am buying for my own family to make us feel better in case of worst case scenarios with radioactive material coming to the United States.

Here are a few options for radiation protection and support kits:

Iodine Protection Pack 1
Iodine Protection Pack 1
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Iodine Protection Pack 2
Iodine Protection Pack 2
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Iodine Protection Pack 3

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8-Micro Plant Powder

If you are looking for more information about Micro Plant Powder, or the Iodine Protection Packs to have on hand in case of radiation threat, please click here.

We are so sad for and send our heartfelt wishes and prayers to the people of Japan during this horrible tragedy.
Protect yourself from radioactive iodine with a iodine protection kit.